Rob Reiner Gives Pre-SOTU Hot-Take: Trump a Liar, Misogynist, Racist, Criminal

Dave Kotinsky / Getty
Dave Kotinsky / Getty

Hollywood director and left-wing agitator Rob Reiner went after President Donald Trump Tuesday ahead of his State of the Union address, saying America isn’t strong right now due to his presidency.

“The SOTU can never be strong if it is headed by a pathological liar. It can never be strong if it is headed by a misogynist,” Rob Reiner said.

“It can never be strong if it is headed by a racist. And it can never be strong if it is headed by a self serving criminal. The SOTU is rancid.”

Reiner previously attacked the president before even hearing what he had to say in January, when Trump lashed out at Trump before his national address on border security.

“Tonight the media will turn the oldest living Democracy into a reality show by allowing a pathological liar to treat American citizens like suckers. THERE IS NO CRISIS AT THE BORDER!” the Wolf of Wall Street actor said in a social media post.

Other celebrities mocked Trump ahead of his national address.
Bette Midler declared that the State of the Union was the worst ever “except for the Civil War.”

“Americans hate the way their country has been thrown into chaos and diminished in the world. Tonight will brag, ramble incoherently; brag, demand his wall, dump on Dems, lie, bully and brag,” she said.

Other celebrities piled on trump with personal insults.

The president will address an array of issues facing America during his speech Tuesday night, but perhaps the most important issue will be immigration. Trump recently presided over the longest government shutdown in history due to the Democrats’ refusal to fund border security.

Trump agreed to re-open the government last month, but warned that he may shut it down again or declare a national emergency if his immigration demands are not met.

During the speech, Trump is expected to talk about his “vision for a safe and legal immigration system” and attempt to “provide a bipartisan way forward on immigration.”


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