Chelsea Handler: Trump Supporters ‘Don’t Care’ That He Is a ‘Criminal’

ChelseaHandler instagram

Left-wing celebrity Chelsea Handler declared Monday that supporters of President Trump know that he is a “criminal” and don’t care.

“It’s not whether or not Trump is criminal. He cheats, lies, steals, any time he talks. His supporters know he’s a criminal,” Chelsea Handler said.

“They just don’t care. But, what about the Republicans in govt. who know and do nothing at the expense of everyone in our country? That is criminal, too”:

Handler has attacked supporters of the president before. In January, she wondered if Trump supporters simply enjoy watching others suffer.

“Watching our president behave like an errant toddler depriving people of their basic necessities—people who are supposed to be protected by our government—should warm his supporters hearts,” the 44-year-old said.

“Does it? Do you guys enjoy watching people suffer? For a large slab of cement?”:

The Netflix host has also lambasted Republicans as a party of “white men” who think rape is “fine.”

“Republican Party = white male party. They don’t care about women and they don’t care about the future. They care about the past where all white men are in power. Rape is fine. Keep minorities and women down. All white men, oh, and Ben Carson,” she said in September.


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