Joss Whedon: ‘Fascist’ Trump Planning to ‘Take 2020 Election by Armed Force’

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 27: Joss Whedon participates in MTV Total Registration Live at MTV Studios on September 27, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for MTV)
Brian Ach/Getty Images for MTV

Marvel movie director Joss Whedon celebrated July 4th with a warning that President Donald Trump is planning to steal the 2020 presidential election “by armed force” with the backing of “illegal militias.”

In a tweet sarcastically celebrating Independence Day, Joss Whedon also claimed that Trump’s “fascist” administration was backed by “illegal militias” in a scenario more closely resembling a military dictatorship.

“We have a racist, fascist president who’s using armed thugs in law enforcement & illegal militias to keep us cowed & hopeless & he’ll take the 2020 election by armed force & blatant, treasonous criminality & that’s us now, we’re the country with concentration camps so happy 4th,” he said, without providing any evidence for his claims.

Whedon’s remarks came hours after the White House hosted a “Salute to America” as part of Washington’s July 4th celebrations, featuring military flyovers, musical performances, as well as a speech by the president himself.

The 55-year-old director, whose major works include the Toy Story and Avengers franchises, is one of Hollywood’s most brazen anti-Trump activists, regularly tweeting out bizarre, unfounded, and hate-filled claims. Last April he publicly fantasized about Trump’s death.

“Donald Trump is killing this country. Some of it quickly, some slowly, but he spoils and destroys everything he touches,” Whedon wrote at the time. “He emboldens monsters, wielding guns, governmental power, or just smug doublespeak. Or Russia. My hate and sadness are exhausting. Die, Don. Just quietly die.”

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