Chelsea Handler Asks: Can We ‘Impeach This A**hole’ Already

Chelsea Handler
Getty Images/ Frederick M. Brown

Left-wing comedian Chelsea Handler is renewing her cries to impeach President Donald Trump, calling him a “racist who is actively engaging his base in racism” and proclaiming to her 8.2 million Twitter followers that it is past time to “impeach this asshole.”

Handler — seemingly riled up by the war between Trump and far-left socialist members of the “Squad” — renewed her call to impeach Trump in a social media rant on Wednesday.

“Can we just impeach this moron already? Are we waiting for him to shoot someone on 5th Avenue? Are we waiting for him to be caught with his pants down?” Handler asked. “His pants have been down for 3 years. We are dealing with a racist who is actively engaging his base in racism. No more.”

She continued, toeing the Democrat party line on “kids in cages,” despite the fact that the “cages” were utilized by the Obama administration. That, though, is grounds for impeaching the current “asshole” president, Handler assessed.

“We have a president who is willingly separating babies and children from their parents, who are being traumatized for the rest of their lives,” the former Netflix talk show host added. “Babies in cages. Yes, impeach this asshole. Babies are in cages. Cages. What parent of any child would be ok with this?”

It is not every day that the activist comedian engages in such a hardline defense of babies, as she frequently champions Planned Parenthood, an organization responsible for hundreds of thousands of abortions per year. In 2016, she wrote an essay for Playboy and said, “even if there is a God, I highly doubt he wants everybody to go through with their pregnancies.”

That aside, this is not the first time Handler has called for Trump’s impeachment. Last month, she claimed that Trump’s remarks to Piers Morgan — noting that some people enjoy the sport of shooting, going to ranges and shooting for “fun” — should be considered an impeachable offense.

Handler also emphatically promoted the #ImpeachTrump rallies that took place last month.

The House passed a resolution Tuesday evening, largely on party lines, to condemn what Democrats say were “racist” remarks made by the president. Rep. Al Green (D-TX) filed articles of impeachment shortly after.

“What do you do when the leader of the free world is a racist? What do you do? Well, here’s what you do. You file a resolution condemning the president for racist comments directed at members of Congress. What do you do? You file Articles of Impeachment,” Green said on the House floor.

The House is expected to vote on Green’s impeachment measure Wednesday afternoon.


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