Super Tuesday Celebrity Split: Hollywood Rallies Behind Bernie Sanders as Biden Gains Steam

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Hollywood celebrities were split on Super Tuesday over which Democratic candidate to back for president, with many stars stumping for Bernie Sanders as a resurgent Joe Biden continued to gain endorsements.

Left-wing celebrities put their influencer roles to work on Tuesday by urging their legions of social media followers to vote for their favorite candidates.  Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) appears to have generated the most passionate supporters among wealthy Hollywood elites, some of whom have enthusiastically hit the road  for the socialist candidate.

Actor John Cusack showed his support for Sen. Sanders by tweeting Paul Newman’s climactic courtroom scene from the 1982 movie The Verdict.

Actor Nick Offerman posted a photo of himself with an I voted sticker on his nose in a tweet he captioned with the hashtag #VoteWarren.

Actor-comedian Rob Delaney said urged his followers to vote for Sen. Sanders in order to make “democratic socialism a reality” in the U.S.

Actor Mark Ruffalo tweeted a video in which he praised Sen. Sanders, saying that he “will make an excellent and historic president.” The actor added: “He is the original progressive.”

Splash star Daryl Hannah said that a vote for Sen. Sanders represents “a chance to make real progress in environmental, racial, criminal, and economic justice.”

Actress-singer Cher tweeted that “Joe’s the man for the job,” adding that “sink or swim, I’m with him.”

Rob Reiner also tweeted his support of Sen. Biden on Super Tuesday, writing that the candidate will help protect democracy and the environment.

Actor Alec Baldwin recently tweeted his support for Sen. Biden, claiming that President Trump would prefer to run against Sen. Sanders “because Trump is pissing in his madras pants in fear of Biden.”

Actress Kirsten Dunst went big on Twitter, announcing her support for Sen. Sanders.

Glee actress Jane Lynch also recently tweeted her support for Sen. Biden, writing “@JoeBiden in the WH.”

Actress-singer Bette Midler declared her support for Mike Bloomberg on Super Tuesday, citing his mayoral tenure in New York following 9/11.

Actress Cynthia Nixon urged her 796,000 Instagram followers to vote for Sen. Sanders, saying that the candidate will “guarantee healthcare for all” and “tackle the climate crisis” by raising taxes on the super wealthy.

Nixon was one of several stars along with Susan Sarandon who traveled with the Sen. Sanders campaign, helping to energize his fan base with their star power.

Actor Michael Ian Black said that he continues “rooting for Elizabeth Warren,” though he noted he lives in Connecticut, which isn’t a Super Tuesday state.

Comedian Patton Oswalt echoed many left-wing voices in Hollywood when he tweeted “any Dem will do.”

Actress Mia Farrow was one of a growing number of celebrities to back Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE), but said that she would support Sen. Sanders if he becomes the party’s nominee. “We Must oust Trump,” she tweeted on Tuesday.

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