Bette Midler: ‘Trump Is Killing His Own Base’

JAMAICA, NY - NOVEMBER 03: Actress/singer and founder of NYRP Bette Midler attends the ope
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Actress Bette Midler is accusing President Donald Trump of killing his voter base of “older white men and women,” adding that the president doesn’t care about the fate of the elderly.

The Beaches star made the allegation despite the fact that President Trump has stated that he wants special care given to senior citizens as states move to re-open their economies in the wake of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

Bette Mider, who is white and 74, tweeted her bizarre claim late Monday in what appeared to be a reference to President Trump’s efforts to re-start the U.S. economy after many states have successfully seen the number of coronavirus cases flatten in recent days.

“Trump is killing his own base, older white men and women! It is beyond belief. And he doesn’t care!!” Midler said.

Midler omitted the fact that President Trump has emphasized that he wants states to safely re-open businesses and schools, with special attention paid to the well-being of the elderly.

“States are safely coming back. Our Country is starting to OPEN FOR BUSINESS again,” Trump tweeted last month. “Special care is, and always will be, given to our beloved seniors (except me!). Their lives will be better than ever…WE LOVE YOU ALL!”

Along with a growing list of other celebrities, Bette Midler has blamed President Trump for U.S. coroanvirus deaths, claiming last month that the president has “30,000 corpses” on his hands.

“Every single day you cause death, destruction, and untold suffering. Four more years of your incompetence and we won’t have a country left!” Midler tweeted, adding the hashtags #TrumpOwnsEveryDeath and #Loser.

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