Nolte: 88% of Elite Film Critics Love ‘Cuties’ Compared to 3% of Audience


As of right now, a full 88 percent of critics approve of Cuties, Netflix’s piece of soft-core child pornography, while only three percent of the audience agree.

That’s not a typo.

Three percent.

Over the years, I’ve seen some wide gulfs between audience and critic at Rotten Tomatoes, but that probably takes the cake and the pie and the whole enchilada.

Keep in mind, Rotten Tomatoes has worked hard to game these scores to protect its Hollywood masters, and still it’s 88 to three.

So, despite what the fake media are telling you about criticism of Cuties coming only from the close-minded and unenlightened political right, Cuties is not proving to be at all divisive, at least not among real people. A full 1,047 audience members voted on Cuties, which means 1,047 of everyday people took the time to log an opinion, and only three percent gave it a thumbs up. That works out to a terrible approval score of less than one percent — 0.69 percent, to be precise.

So where are all the enlightened and sophisticated Biden voters voting Cuties up?

There are none. Well, almost none.

Can I say statistically none?

Think I can.

Think I will.

Of course, among the elite critical class there is not much division either. Among the 33 critics who have so far reviewed it, 29 gave Cuties a positive review, while only four logged a negative one.

Yours truly sat through Cuties on Thursday and posted a review. Not on Rotten Tomatoes. To have your reviews posted on Rotten Tomatoes you have to join Rotten Tomatoes and I don’t join anything. I’m not a joiner.

Naturally, my negative review is already under attack by the foo foo defending 11-year-old girls in short-shorts opening their legs wide-open for the camera. But no one can say I didn’t give it a fair shot, that I didn’t give it the benefit of the doubt.

I am the guy, after all, who’s first movie review for Breitbart News (then Big Hollywood) was a rave over Stephen Soderbergh’s two-part love letter to Che Guevera. You can look it up, if you want. I’m not going to link it. Rereading what I wrote two weeks ago is bad enough, so you can imagine how excruciating a 12-year trip down memory lane might be.

Anyway, it’s good to see that normal people are not divided on the issue of softcore child pornography. More than 97 percent of us are against it.

Of course, to be fair, elite film critics are also not divided on the issue of softcore child pornography.

Almost 90 percent of them are for it.

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