‘Bridesmaids’ Cast Reunites, Teams with Left-Wing Group for ‘Register a Friend Day’ Event

Suzanne Hanover/Universal
Suzanne Hanover/Universal

The cast of the hit comedy film Bridesmaids reunited virtually on Thursday to promote “Register a Friend Day,” partnering with the left-wing voting group called I am a voter.

Kristin Wiig, Rose Byrne, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper, and Annie Mumolo, appeared on Zoom to discuss their apparent plans for the year before the trio Wilson Phillips, who also cameoed in the movie, showed up on the call, the Hollywood Reporter reported. The meeting coincided with the comedy’s 10th anniversary. 

“Hey guys, something I think we should all do this year is register a friend to vote,” Wendy Wilson said in the clip.

“Everyone remember to vote,” Wiig agrees. “And not only remember to vote, but remember to register a friend to vote.”

She finished the video by saying “Friends don’t let friends skip elections.”

Watch below: 

According to the organization, a reminder from a friend can make people twice more likely to vote. The “Register A Friend Day” enabled anyone to text a specific number to check their registration or register to vote.  

I am a voter describes itself as a “non partisan” 501(c)(3) that works to “encourage voting and civic engagement,” according to the report. Its parent organization is the Entertainment Industry Foundation, which stages large celebrity campaigns to raise awareness for a variety of issues, many of which have to do with one leftist cause or another, decorated with words like “diversity,” “inclusion,” and “equity.”

The organization frequently posts photos of leftist celebrities wearing the I am a voter merchandise and talking about the importance of voting. One Tree Hill actress Sophia Bush, who once tweeted in support of equating Republicans to terrorists, wore “I am a voter” heels to a congressional hearing about vaccine hesitancy. Scandal actress Kerry Washington, who is an outspoken Joe Biden supporter and advocate of Critical Race Theory, is also featured on its Instagram grid.

The organization referred to Texas’ new voting integrity laws as “restrictions” and often posts about leftist race-related issues and campaigns.

The group also seemed to promote the For the People Act and claimed it “aims to restore the Voting Rights Act, institute Automatic voter Registration, Expand early voting, grant universal access to vote-by-mail, make gerrymander illegal, and more.” In reality, the bill would nationalize election and make permanent changes to voting rules that would virtually ensure Democrats never lose another election.

The voting campaign comes as Republicans and Democrats continue to fight over voting legislation. Democrats most often insist GOP-led voting legislation is racist and threatens people’s right to vote. Instead, the GOP says it is working to increase voter integrity and tie up any loose ends that could enable rampant voter fraud.


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