Nolte: Watch Stephen Colbert Convince the Unvaccinated to Remain Unvaccinated


The always smug but never funny CBS late-night host Stephen Colbert went a long way this week to prove my point about how the organized left wants unvaccinated Trump voters to remain unvaccinated.

If you don’t believe me, watch this:

So now that you’ve watched this, I have questions…

Why is Colbert’s audience packed like sardines and not wearing masks?

Why are those who attend Broadway shows required to wear masks, but not people attending Colbert’s show? Colbert’s theater is just a few blocks away from Broadway.

Why is the smug and unfunny Colbert dancing maskless with an elderly woman? Is he deliberately trying to kill her?

But overall, why is Colbert being so deliberately off-putting in pushing the vaccine?

Colbert might be smug and unfunny, but he’s not stupid, so he has to know that if you are going to convince and persuade someone to join your cause, you have to present yourself appealingly. But he’s obviously choosing the opposite route here. He’s deliberately being grotesque and smug, and I believe he’s doing so knowing it will turn off and turn away unvaccinated Trump voters.

What other conclusion is there?

Who could watch such a thing and conclude the goal is to win converts when it’s obviously designed to do the opposite, to repel people?

What else could Colbert’s goal be? No one in their right mind would want to feel like they’ve caved or legitimized a smug and unfunny jerk like Colbert doing his smug and unfunny vaccine dance.

And then you add to it the galling hypocrisy of Colbert and his audience not wearing masks compounded with Colbert violating both social distancing common sense by grabbing hold of an elderly woman.

Everything about that clip screams, How do you rubes like us not following our own rules!!?? HAHAHAHA! You rubes!

This is all deliberate. This is all about the organized left’s ongoing crusade to ensure unvaccinated Trump supporters remain unvaccinated. The goal is to enrage and insult and demean and dehumanize us. The goal is to make it as agonizing as possible to give in to them. That’s the only explanation for this behavior. But, good grief, everyone knows no one ever caves to bullies and jerks, so they’re all being the biggest bullies and jerks imaginable.

My local paper is doing this the right way. My town uses compassion and facts to tell stories of our own neighbors who died or nearly died and regretted not getting vaccinated. It’s stories like this, approached with decency, that persuade people. But that’s not what we see from the organized left and the establishment media. Instead, they insult us, they demean us, they laugh at us when we die; they treat us like walking diseases and condescend to us.

They want us dead.   

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