William Shatner Trolls George Takei for Remarks Mocking 90-Year-Old’s ‘Unfit Guinea Pig’ Space Flight

(INSET: George Takei) NS-18 crew member, "Star Trek" actor William Shatner describes G For
Patrick T. Fallon/AFP/Getty, Amy Sussman/Getty

The seemingly neverending feud between Star Trek legends William Shatner and George Takei spilled out all over Twitter this weekend when Shatner fired back at Takei for calling him an “unfit guinea pig” upon his return from a record-breaking space trip.

On Friday, Page Six quoted the left-wing activist Takei taking several potshots at Shatner after his former Star Trek co-star ventured into space on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket, calling him a 90-year-old “guinea pig” that is “boldly going where other people have gone before.”

“He’s boldly going where other people have gone before,” Takei snarked. “He’s a guinea pig, 90 years old and it’s important to find out what happens.”

“So 90 years old is going to show a great deal more on the wear and tear on the human body, so he’ll be a good specimen to study,” he added. “Although he’s not the fittest specimen of 90 years old, so he’ll be a specimen that’s unfit!”

In a Twitter post on Friday that quickly went viral, Shatner suggested that Takei only denigrates him for attention.

Shatner has previously commented on Takei’s longstanding beef, calling it a “psychosis” that is both pitiful and said.

“There’s a psychosis there,” Shatner previously said. “There must be something else inside George that is festering, and it makes him unhappy that he takes it out on me … Why would he go out of his way to denigrate me? It’s sad, I feel nothing but pity for him.”

While becoming a social media star throughout the past decade, George Takei has been a geyser of incendiary, far-left hot takes. For instance, during the controversy over standing for the National Anthem, the actor compared it to North Korea, prompting severe backlash online.

“You know where citizens are required to stand for the National Anthem? North Korea,” he tweeted at the time.

In 2017, during the height of the #MeToo movement, Takei came under fire when an interview surfaced of him on The Howard Stern Show appearing to brag about grabbing skittish men by the crotch. He later apologized, saying he liked to portray a type of raunchy grandpa when appearing on the shock jock’s show.


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