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Biden Helps Jeff Bezos by Weakening Spaceflight Rules

The Biden administration recently changed rocket procurement rules for Phase 3 of the National Security Space Launch System — the program the United States government uses to launch payloads into space — in a way that may provide significant financial benefits to Blue Origin and its founder, Amazon Executive Chairman Jeff Bezos.

(INSET: Blue Origin rocket) Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos addresses the audience durin

Bezos Blunder: Blue Origin Rocket Fails During Liftoff

Jeff Bezos’ rocket company, Blue Origin, saw its latest rocket launch fail during liftoff this Monday. No humans were aboard the capsule, which separated from the rocket and parachuted to Earth after the mission was aborted. The rocket flew out of control after what the company called an “anomaly.”

Jeff Bezos holds goggles to his face (Joe Raedle /Getty)

Michael Strahan Flies to Space with Astronaut’s Daughter: ‘Wow!’

Football star and TV celebrity Michael Strahan caught a ride to space with Jeff Bezos’ rocket-launching company Saturday, sharing the trip with the daughter of America’s first astronaut. “TOUCHDOWN has a new meaning now!!!” he tweeted after landing. Blue Origin’s

Michael Strahan

FAA Rule Change Strips ‘Astronaut’ Title from Jeff Bezos

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been stripped of his “astronaut” titles by the FAA. According to the agency’s revised definition of astronaut, the term may only be used for those that “demonstrated activities during flight that were essential to public safety, or contributed to human space flight safety.”

Jeff Bezos speaks about his flight on Blue Origin’s New Shepard into space during a pres

Jeff Bezos Phallic Rocket Ride Lasts Mere Minutes in Space

Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos has landed safely after leaving Earth for just over 10 minutes aboard the New Shepard rocket. The total elapsed time from launch to touchdown was less than 11 minutes, meaning the trip for Bezos, his brother, and two other passengers spent mere minutes at the edge of space.

(INSET: Blue Origin rocket) Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos addresses the audience durin

World’s Richest Man Jeff Bezos Steps Down as Amazon CEO

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has officially stepped down from his role as CEO of the e-commerce giant, being replaced by the company’s former web services CEO Andy Jassy. Bezos will continue with the company in the role of Executive Chair. The leadership handover is occurring just weeks before Bezos will fly into space with his brother. 

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos during the JFK Space Summit at the John F. Kennedy Presidential

FAA Clears Virgin Galactic for Commercial Spaceflight

The FAA has given Virgin Galactic approval to begin transporting commercial passengers to suborbital space aboard its VSS spaceplane. The company promises stunning views of Earth and several minutes of weightlessness during a two-hour trip.

Virgin Galactic spaceplane

Exclusive– Maria Cantwell Uses Anti-China Plan to Possibly Steer $10 Billion Moon Landing Contract to Bezos-Owned Space Company in Her State

Sen. Maria Cantwell plans to attempt to use a bipartisan piece of legislation meant to counter the Chinese Communist Party’s technological advances to instead steer what could end up being a huge boon of a federal contract worth billions of dollars to a company operating in her home state owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos.

Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) attends a Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Commit