Disneyland Raises Pass Prices with Top Packages at $1,599 Per Person

Disney characters Mickey Mouse and Minnie wave to a crowd of people in front the Sleeping

While claiming that demand for its resort packages remains high, Disneyland has raised the price of its top-tier pass to $1,599 a person.

According to a new report, Disneyland has phased out its previous top package, the Dream Key package, which was priced at $1,399 a person is no longer available, according to Deadline.

In its place, Disney has added the new Imagine Key level costing $1,599 per person.

However, this new top tier is only being offered to previous Key members and will not be available for new visitors, Deadline added.

“There are no new Magic Key sales currently available while we prioritize renewals for our current Magic Key holders,” reads a statement from the park.

Still, prices for all the passes were raised for the season. The Believe Key is now $1,099, up from $949; the Enchant Key is now $699, up from $649; and the Imagine Key is set at $499, up from $399.

The price hike only seems to confirm accusations that Disney’s theme parks are so expensive that only the elite can afford them.

Last year, Disneyland had already seen a near nine percent price hike across the board, with single-day ticket prices rising from $159 to $164, according to a report by Laughing Place.

Parking also rose from to $30 per day, up from $25. Hotel self-parking is increasing to $35 from $25. Parking cost only 55 cents when Disneyland first opened, which would be the equivalent of $5.63 today, according to a report from Marketwatch.

“I get it,” Breitbart’s John Nolte wrote in March. “Disney wants to make as much money as possible. That’s their right. But please don’t pose as this liberal, do-gooder company when you’re so greedy you’re pricing out run-of-the-mill families while you lobby to have their little kids groomed in the classroom and climb into bed with China.”

Disney’s rising prices come amid nationwide hikes in inflation that have sent Americans scrambling to pay for everyday necessities, such a food, gasoline, and energy even as wages are stagnating and failing to keep up with inflation.

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