Rudy Giuliani: We’re Going to Talk About ‘My Son Hunter’ Every Day So ‘It Doesn’t End Around the Iron Curtain Censors’

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Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R), who had a major role in real life revealing the Hunter Biden laptop to the public, says he intends to talk about the upcoming feature length movie My Son Hunter every day as a way to address the mainstream media’s censorship of Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal and the Biden family corruption.

“This is important for our children. We’re going to keep talking about it every day until September 7,” said Giuliani of My Son Hunter, in a recent episode of his “Common Sense” podcast, where he spoke to director Robert Davi (Licensed to Kill, Die Hard, The Goonies) about the upcoming movie, which is now available for pre-order and will begin streaming on September 7.

“We’ll be doing everything we can to try to make sure it doesn’t end around the Iron Curtain censors, which we have to do every day, every week, and my colleagues do,” Giuliani added.

In the podcast, Davi noted that it was Giuliani who was instrumental in bringing the Hunter Biden laptop to the public’s eyes.

“It was my obligation,” Giuliani replied.

Elsewhere, Giuliani warned that My Son Hunter “is going to be censored as much as possible” by what he called “the fascist elite of America, combined with the Democrat Party, Biden, and Pelosi.”

Davi said he made the movie to address people’s frustration with the way the media suppressed the story.

“America is angry,” he said. “This film was crowdsourced because Hollywood and the media will not tell it and there are a lot of people out there angry. They are angry and upset.”

Laurence Fox in My Son Hunter. Courtesy of

Laurence Fox and Emma Gojkovic in My Son Hunter. Courtesy of

Davi echoed the film’s producer Ann McElhinney, who said “we crowdfunded My Son Hunter because this was a story that big tech and big media want to cover up. They didn’t want the truth to ever see the light of day. But there is a hunger for truth out there. Hollywood would never make this movie. It doesn’t fit their narrative, so that’s why we had to get the American public to fund it.”

Giuliani said ultimately, the buck stops with President Joe Biden.

“This is not the Hunter Biden case. This is the Joe Biden case,” he said. “The boss here is Joe.”

He added: “My ultimate conclusion is he’s [Hunter] not the real top villain here. He’s taken the fall for the ‘big guy.'”

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