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Klein: Expel Adam Schiff over Ukraine Hoax

As House Democrats disgrace themselves with their partisan vote to impeach President Trump, it is Rep. Adam Schiff who should come under immediate impeachment investigation for his role in perpetuating the Ukraine narrative targeting the president.

Adam Schiff (Alex Wong / Pool via Associated Press)

4 Major Ties between Impeachment Con and Russia Hoax

There are common threads, associations and even funding sources that link the narrative involving allegations at the center of the current impeachment drive to discredited claims of collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. Many of those ties involve characters who played central roles in disseminating the infamous dossier.


Exclusive – Students for Trump Chairman: The Attempted Coup

After multiple failed attempts to sabotage the Trump Presidency, Democrats have decided that impeachment is the only way they stand a chance at taking back the White House. The party of futile resistance thought they had found a way to take down the President, but after only 24 hours their narrative fell apart.

Trump Impeachment Steeple Fingers