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National Review Film Critic Armond White Praises ‘My Son Hunter’ as ‘Work of Art’

Iconoclastic film critic Armond White has delivered an unqualified rave for “My Son Hunter,” praising director Robert Davi and producer Phelim McAleer for turning “a political argument into a work of art.” In his review published Wednesday in the National Review, White argued that the movie shows more ethical integrity than the entirety of the mainstream news media when it sought to bury the Hunter Biden laptop scandal ahead of the 2020 presidential election. He also praised actor Laurence Fox’s “uncanny” performance, adding that the movie gives a ” human scale to the inconceivable corruption we witness but that politicians and media tell us to ignore.”


Left-Wing Guardian Triggered by ‘My Son Hunter’: ‘Stop Trying to Make Hunter Biden Conspiracy Theories Happen’

Britain’s left-wing The Guardian has attacked the upcoming movie “My Son Hunter” in a column claiming the movie is trying to elevate the Hunter Biden laptop scandal beyond a fringe conspiracy theory. But the article ignores the fact that the laptop and its contents have been authenticated as real by multiple mainstream news outlets, including the New York Times and CNN.

Pollak: Anne Applebaum Pushed Russia Theory but Wants to Decide What’s Newsworthy for Voters

Anne Applebaum of the Atlantic, who helped develop the original “Russia collusion” hoax, told an audience at a University of Chicago “disinformation” conference this week that Hunter Biden’s laptop, which she once dismissed, should be ignored even after it has been authenticated because the president’s son’s business dealings aren’t “interesting.”

Anne Applebaum (Carlos Alvarez / Getty)