Megan Fox, Mom of 3, Poses in S&M-Themed Mockery of Christian Communion for Halloween


Actress Megan Fox, a mother of three, posed in an S&M-themed mockery of Christian communion with her fiancé, rapper Machine Gun Kelly, for Halloween.

“On Sundays we take communion,” Fox wrote in an Instagram caption, which included a video of her clad in BDSM-themed attire, kneeling beside Machine Gun Kelly while he fed her what appeared to be a communion host.

Fox was also wearing a collar connected to a leash, which Machine Gun Kelly was seen holding. The pair was quickly slammed on social media, with one commenter asking: “What happened to cultural appropriation?”

“Why is it wrong to dress up as an Indian but okay to mock the Catholic faith,” the commenter added. “It’s absolutely abhorrent and offensive and I’m so sick of the double standard!”

“What the hell is wrong with you people,” another Instagram user asked in a post that garnered nearly 16,000 likes.

“Repent. Jesus Christ died for what you are doing right now. You have children. Where is the example? The respect? Christianity is not a costume. It’s not a religion. It’s a relationship with God,” commented former American Idol contestant Jimmy Levy.

“Notice how Christianity is the only religion that is openly mocked and people find it comical??” another Instagram user pointed out.

“Imagine the outcry if they mocked literally any other religion,” another echoed.

Another Instagram user simply wrote, “Unacceptable. No one should ever mock someone else’s religion.”

“ya’ll understand your kids will see this right??!!!” wrote another whose post received more than 10,000 likes.

“I’m not catholic but this is so WRONG AND SO MANY WAYS making fun of religion,” another commented. “Respect required respect so you guys lost mine . Respect the Bible !!!!”

“This is just distasteful and I’m an atheist,” another Instagram user said.

“I swear the obsession with mocking Jesus and the Christian faith is just so sickening and hateful. Not surprised though,” another chimed in.

“The humiliating and degrading things people do for social media,” another commented.

“Cringe. Just shoot porn and call it a day. You have kids that don’t need to see your BDSM references. I see 2 mentally unstable adults,” another opined.

Another Instagram user simply stated, “Wow. This is wrong on so many levels.”

This is not the first time Fox and her fiancé made headlines for bizarre and questionable behavior.

Earlier this year, the actress disclosed that she and her fiancé drink each other’s blood “on occasion for ritual purposes.”

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