Nolte: Woke, Pro-Grooming Bob Iger Is Disney’s Problem, Not the Solution

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 07: The Walt Disney Company Former CEO and Chairman
Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Vox Media

Everyone who knows nothing about how real life works is all excited about former Disney Chief Bob Iger returning to the captain’s chair.

I’d love to know why.

It was from Bob Iger that freshly-booted CEO Bob Chapek inherited the primary reasons Disney’s stock is tanking. Granted, Chapek didn’t reverse Iger’s mistakes and frequently appeared lost and indecisive. But let’s get real about Disney’s problems.

To begin with, parents no longer trust Disney to be alone with their children. What was once a company that focused on protecting and preserving the innocence of children is now a predatory company looking to sexualize children.

And that’s just one reason Disney’s stock is in the toilet.

Another reason is how the  woke and social justice cancers have destroyed Disney’s art, specifically its most important product: its film franchises. Toy Story and Star Wars are crippled as film franchises. The early buzz about Indiana Jones V is brutal. Marvel is a shell of its former self. Pirates of the Caribbean looks to be toast. Why? Because Disney gleefully joined the #MeToo witch hunts and made Johnny Depp walk a plank without due process.

As far as the gross sexual stuff Disney is embracing, let’s not forget the following…

After the hapless Bob Chapek stepped in for the retiring Iger, one of Iger’s first public attacks on Chapek involved a Florida law that protects small children from s the public school’s sexual perverts. The left and the fake media called it the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” — which is a lie. The bill stops the sickos who infest our public schools from grooming small children with gay porn and transsexual propaganda. After Chapek was publicly criticized by the left for not opposing the bill and staying silent, Iger piled the criticism on by bragging that Disney would have stood up to defend the child groomers in government-run schools under his leadership.

“When you’re dealing with right and wrong, or when you’re dealing with something that does have a profound impact on your business, I just think you have to do what is right and not worry about the potential backlash to it,” Iger told CNN in March.

Does that sound like a guy who will turn Disney away from endangering children and enabling their abusers into something family-friendly?

No, it doesn’t

Iger also elevated Kathleen Kennedy to oversee LucasFilm, and Kennedy is the brittle, feminist woketard who woke-raped Star Wars until it was no longer a viable film franchise.

The “queering” of children’s entertainment, the grooming assaults on our children’s innocence, and the push to mutilate children as holy sacrifices to the trans lobby, all started at Disney under Iger.

Disney’s woke assault on art started under Iger.

Iger’s shellac might be might more polished than Chapek’s but Disney’s demonic turn to sexualize and prey on children is still the same threat it was yesterday.


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