Chapman Professor Doesn’t Let Her Child Watch Shows with White Male Leads

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Screenshot / Sally Rubin / Vimeo

Chapman University’s Sally Rubin, a professor and pro-transgender filmaker, explained that she doesn’t allow her daughter to watch films with white boys as lead characters. 

Rubin is an associate professor at Chapman University’s Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. The Hollywood Reporter named the film school the sixth best in the United States.

She is also the director of “Mama Has a Mustache,” a pro-transgender film aimed at children. The film, which uses interviews with children between the ages of 5 and 10, has been supported by Bayer Pharmaceuticals and AbbVie Inc, two pharmaceutical companies that produce drugs that are used in transition attempts. Rubin intends the film to be used in classrooms and even sells K-12 curriculum guides to go along with the film’s screening link. 

The Chapman University professor promoted her film during a speech at a conference called Embracing the Diversity of GLBTQ+ Youth and Families (EDGY). 

The professor discussed the type of media that she allows her daughter to consume in her speech. “Personally, I mean, I went through my daughter’s books when she born and I literally white’d out all of the ‘he’s’ and replaced it with ‘she’ because there are so many books that default to ‘he’ as the pronoun.”

Sally Rubin / Vimeo

Rubin also explained that she doesn’t allow her daughter to watch films that feature white boys in lead roles. “And now we’ve got a rule in the house where she’s not allowed to watch movies that feature white boys.”

She then clarified, “Not feature, but lead, where they’re in the lead, other than like Harry Potter.”

“She can watch films about girls and people of color, but white boys or shows where girls are gossiping about boys or being mean to each other, I mean she’ll just say, ‘I had to shut it off because I knew you wouldn’t support it,” the associate professor added.

“I’m sure this is going to come back later to haunt me,” she added before going on to say, “The point is I think it is really important to talk to our kids about media representation.”

Rubin did not respond to a request for comment.

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