Woody Harrelson: ‘There Are Things Liberals Do That I Think, What F**king Idiots’

woody harrelson
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Actor Woody Harrelson may not be a conservative, but he sure understands what conservatives feel sometimes about extreme leftism.

Speaking with Esquire about his upcoming role in the miniseries White House Plumbers, which chronicles the Watergate scandal, Harrelson said that his past experience of canvassing for the Republican Party informed his performance as E. Howard Hunt.

“Woody, in your youth you canvassed for the Republican party. Went to the same college as Mike Pence. Did those experiences help you understand the paranoia Hunt was feeling?” Esquire asked.

“I understand it. And there’s still a fear of communism. We still loathe Russia. There’s still all the concern about the liberal agenda. I get how this mentality develops. I’m really, basically, a little bit of both,” he said.

“There are things that the liberals do that I think, What fucking idiots. And then there’s also conservative ideology that strikes me as odd. I consider myself, really, an anarchist,” he added.

“Do you mean that you believe in no government? Or is it that you do believe in government but you don’t like either side?” Esquire inquired.

Harrelson said he would probably qualify more as a libertarian due to the government’s failure to help people.

Woody Harrelson, Jack White Episode 1839 -- Pictured: Host Woody Harrelson during the Monologue on Saturday, February 25, 2023 -- (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC via Getty Images)

Woody Harrelson delivers his now his famous monologue from Saturday Night Live earlier this year where he skewered the coronavirus lockdowns and vaccine mandates. (Will Heath/NBC via Getty)

“I never see government work. It always seems to be working for the people who got you there. It’s businessmen working for bigger businessmen,” he said. “It’s not businessmen working for their constituents. I think government just usually sucks…am I wrong? Even the social programs, they do it reluctantly, and they’re just always trying to gobble back what they can from the social programs.”

The actor also discussed his famous monologue from Saturday Night Live earlier this year where he skewered the coronavirus lockdowns and the vaccine mandates. Harrelson said he didn’t care if it sparked backlash.

“Well, people told me it was, shall we say, ‘trending.’ No, I don’t look at that shit,” he said. “I feel like, ‘I said it on SNL.’ I don’t need to go further with it [pause]…other than to say — well, no, I won’t. Never mind. That’s enough… But it don’t change my life one bit. Not one bit, if the mainstream media wants to have a go at you, right? My life is still wonderful.”

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