Breitbart News’ John Nolte on His New Novel ‘Borrowed Time’: ‘It’s Not Political,’ Avoids Hollywood-Style ‘Lecturing and Scolding’

Borrowed Time
Bombardier Books

Breitbart News senior writer John Nolte said his first novel Borrowed Time, which is available for purchase now, isn’t political and was written to be a page turner, albeit a thought-provoking one.

Speaking recently on The Chris Stigall Podcast, John Nolte explained how he avoided Hollywood-style grandstanding.

“It’s not political in the sense that it’s partisan. There’s no rhetoric. I didn’t want to commit the same sin that Hollywood is doing now and ruin the readers’ experience by taking you out of it by lecturing and scolding and making some ham-handed political point,” he said.

“It’s my book and it’s my worldview but I worked very hard not to be a hypocrite. I wanted the story to be told through theme and chararcter and plot. People can bring what they want to it. And I think they’ll see that it’s more universal than you might expect from me.”

Borrowed Time tells the story of a man named Joshua Mason who has living for thousands of years and cannot seem to die. To make money, he sells his life on the dark web to wealthy people who get off on the ritual of murdering him. But Joshua must contend with the mortality of those around him, including a loved one who is growing older as he stays the same age.

Borrowed Time can be purchased with a $3.60 discount off the cover price here.


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