Model Gigi Hadid Blasted for Latest Israel Conspiracy Theory: ‘Vile Antisemitic Blood Libel’

Super model Gigi Hadid seen leaving the Miu Miu fashion show in Paris on october 5, 2016.
Mehdi Taamallah/NurPhoto via Getty

Gigi Hadid has been blasted for resharing a video to her 79 million Instagram followers that makes the sickening accusation Israel has harvested the organs of dead Palestinians.

The model reshared the video reel by user Umme Murtaza (umme_murtazaa) via her Instagram account just weeks after she was rebuked by the Israeli government for sharing a meme condemning the country’s response to the Hamas terror attack that left more than 1,200 Israelis dead.

In the disputed clip, Murtaza told followers to “watch this disturbing video, where health officials admitted that Israeli authorities had harvested the organs of dead Palestinians for years without their consent.”

Newsweek reports she then cuts to footage of Meira Weiss—an anatomist and professor of sociology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem—discussing organ harvesting with two reporters as part of an investigative report that aired on Israel Channel 2 back in 2015.

The news segment alleged the Israeli Institute of Forensic Medicine was stealing organs from Palestinian prisoners detained by Israeli forces.

“We do not touch soldiers’ bodies, we take from others,” she said. “They used to take the organs from the bodies of Palestinians and then the immigrants and foreign workers.”

The baseless accusation has been roundly criticized as a blood libel against Israel and the Jewish people and continued her previous efforts at supporting pro-Palestinian causes.

Newsweek reports pro-Israel social media users lined up to slam the 28-year-old, accusing her of “blood libel.”

“Gigi Hadid has always been trash but this is straight up vile antisemitic blood libel. She should be dropped by every contract and agency,” said Trinity Votes.

“Gigi Hadid has reached a new low,” agreed @StopAntisemites.

“Really? Harvesting organs? Cmon man,” wrote @Osint613, while @visegrad24 claimed the runway star is spreading “conspiracy theories.”

The furore over Hadid’s shared post came 48-hours after she was engulfed with massive backlash for posting (and then hastily deleting) a photo that falsely portrayed a Palestinian terrorist as a “child prisoner of war,” as Breitbart News reported.

Hadid’s propaganda post to her 79 million Instagram followers featured a photo of Ahmed Manasra at 13 — the age he was when he went on a stabbing spree in 2015 — and a recent image of the convicted attempted murderer.

In her viral screed, Hadid also accused Israel of “raping and murdering” innocent people.

Instagram users branded Hadid a “social media terrorist,” slamming her for spreading propaganda — likely prompting the American model to delete the post.

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