Susan Sarandon Apologizes for Comment about Jews ‘Getting a Taste of What It Feels Like to Be Muslim’

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 17: Susan Sarandon walks a picket line in support of the SAG-AFTRA a
NDZ/Star Max/GC Images

Actress Susan Sarandon has apologized for her recent comment at a pro-Palestinian rally where she claimed that American Jews are now “getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim in this country.”

In a statement issued Friday, Susan Sarandon said her phrasing was “a terrible mistake,” adding that she regretted belittling the history of Jewish persecution.

The actress said she had not planned to speak at the New York rally on November 17 but was invited to give an impromptu address.

“There are a lot of people afraid of being Jewish at this time, and are getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim in this country,” she said at the time, according to multiple reports.

In her apology, Sarandon said: “This phrasing was a terrible mistake, as it implies that until recently Jews had been strangers to persecution, when the opposite is true.”

“I deeply regret diminishing this reality and hurting people with this comment,” she added. “It was my intent to show solidarity in the struggle against bigotry of all kinds, and I am sorry I failed to do so.”

Various reports claimed that Sarandon joined in chanting “to the river from the sea,” at the November 17 rally in New York. The chant is a call for Israel — and Israelis — to be wiped off the face of the map.

As a result of her comment on November 17, Sarandon was dropped by her Hollywood talent agency, UTA.

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