Jill Biden’s ‘Nutcracker’ Dance Troupe Promotes Abolishing Police Departments, Rants About ‘White Supremacy’

It turns out Jill Biden doesn’t want you to have a white Christmas.

The tap dance troupe that First Lady Jill Biden invited to the White House for the annual unveiling of the Christmas decorations engages in radical left activism, promoting not just the defunding of police departments but the abolishment of law enforcement and prisons around the country.

The group singles out “white people” on its official site, holding them at least partially responsible for “white and state-sanctioned violence.”

New York-based Dorrance Dance features an “antiracism” page on its site where it also promotes Black Lives Matter groups and the National Lawyers Guild, the far-left legal organization that works to spring violent Antifa members from jail. In addition,

Dorrance Dance performed a tap-dance version of the “Nutcracker” ballet for a White video that Jill Biden posted to social media on Thursday. But the first lady received almost instantaneous ridicule for the group’s garish and bizarrely post-modern take on the Tchaikovsky ballet.

Some commenters compared it to The Hunger Games while Breitbart News’ John Nolte described it as a cross between David Lynch and The Shining.

Dorrance Dance was founded by dancer Michelle Dorrance, who makes no secret of her socio-political beliefs. On the site, she calls out her own white privilege and “whiteness.”

“I am a white tap dancer with Black [sic] cultural ancestors in a society that privileges white people and whiteness,” she writes. “Why antiracism work is important to me.”

“I am easy for white audiences wanting to access and experience elements of Black culture to swallow. My whiteness is the reason you may have heard of me before two of my inspirations” — black tap dancers Ayodele Casel and Dormeshia.

She continues: “It is imperative for me, and those who look like me, to acknowledge that. It is imperative for us to fight against racist norms that have defined American culture since its very origin.”

Dorrance is also a  MacArthur Fellow “genius” grant recipient.

The troupe has engaged in social justice activities related to the dance world, including organizing an event called “Racism and the Dance World.”

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