Nolte: Disney’s Woke Pixar Unit to Slash Hundreds of Jobs


The Disney Grooming Syndicate’s primary grooming branch, Pixar, will reportedly slash up to 20 percent of its staff, which amounts to more than 300 lost jobs.

People who hate us and seek to queer and sexualize our small children are about to be unemployed. Every decent American should cheer this news.

“Pixar Animation Studios is set to cut jobs as the studio has completed production on some shows and now has more staff than it needs,” Reuters has learned. “TechCrunch reported earlier that Pixar was set to undergo layoffs as high as 20% this year, with the studio’s team of 1,300 people reduced to under 1,000 over the coming months.”

Per Reuters, this comes after Pixar cut 75 staffers last June, “including those of two executives behind box office disappointment Lightyear.” Those 75 jobs amounted to the “studio’s first significant job cuts in a decade.”

Lightyear was the Disney Grooming Syndicate’s failed attempt to pervert its Toy Story franchise into a grooming tool.

Since then, Disney Animation and Pixar have released one flop after another: Elemental (which featured gender fluidity), Strange World (centered on a gay love story between two young boys), and Wish, which had no chance given the goodwill Disney has forfeited in favor of preying on little kids.

In just one year, Disney has deliberately destroyed its Pixar, Marvel, Animation, and Indiana Jones brands by pummeling normal people with gay sex, smug and sexless female characters, obnoxious identity politics, and the emasculation of male heroes. Disney had already woke-raped Star Wars into a bad TV show years ago.

Disney movies lost around a billion dollars in 2023. Gee, who could’ve predicted audiences would stay away if you spit on their heroes and prey on their kids — you know, other than every normal person in America?

And 2024 will be even worse for the Louse House. Two of its biggest features — the live-action Snow White and Captain America: Brave New World — had to be pushed to 2025. Snow White because its mouthy star, Rachel Zegler, ran around trashing the very character she plays. Captain America was pushed due to disastrous test screenings, proving that the now-hyper-politicized Marvel Machine is breaking down.

If Disney has any success in 2024, it will be the acquired success of 20th Century Fox. Sequels to The Omen, Planet of the Apes, Alien, and Deadpool are all on deck. Then there’s Inside Out 2 and a Lion King prequel. No Marvel. No Star Wars. Nothing from Disney Animation. The wheels are coming off the dark Disney van that circles elementary schools, and I could not be happier.

Oh, and remember how Disney CEO Bob Iger said things would change? That was a lie.

May Disney’s death be humiliating, slow, brutally expensive, and very, very public.

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