Rosie O’Donnell Sent Messages to Michael Cohen During Trump Trial Testimony: ‘Breathe, U Got This, I Love U’

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 14: Former Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen departs from his h
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Michael Cohen and Rosie O’Donnell have reportedly struck an unlikely friendship, with the comedian texting Cohen “I love you” as he appeared as a witness in the criminal case against his ex-boss, former President Donald Trump.

O’Donnell texted Cohen on Monday morning before he took the stand in a Manhattan courtroom, writing, “breathe — relax — tell the truth — u got this — i love u,” according to a report by DNyuz.

An hour later, O’Donnell reportedly texted Cohen, “Ur doing great,” to which the former Trump attorney replied, “Thank you and truly love you.”

“We talk and communicate on a regular basis,” O’Donnell told DNyuz. “I know this has been a tumultuous time, so I check in. It’s a big thing to be in a position to be able to change the whole country in some way.”

O’Donnell, whose friends have reportedly long described her as someone with a “rescuer complex,” explained that her friendship with Cohen started in 2019, when she sent him a six-page letter after he was sent to prison following pleading guilty to tax evasion and campaign finance violations.

“I got his inmate number and I sent him a letter,” O’Donnell said.

The comedian and actress also suggested that she liked Cohen’s accent, saying it reminded her of the boys she knew when she was growinf up in Long Island.

“He was every guy I went to high school with,” she said.

In her prison letter to the ex-trump attorney, O’Donnell reportedly wrote that while she believed he had helped Trump discredit her, she was nonetheless grateful to him, as she thought it was heroic of him to turn on his boss. The comedian also told Cohen that she forgave him.

O’Donnell added that while she understood Cohen might not have been interested in obtaining her forgiveness — and that she didn’t necessarily expect to hear back from him — he nevertheless responded, requesting that she meet with him.

“He asked me to come visit him,” O’Donnell revealed.

What O’Donnell thought would be no more than an hour-long chat ended up turning into a six-hour discussion, during which Cohen apologized to her, she said.

They even held hands at one point during the prison visit, O’Donnell disclosed.

Cohen was later released from prison in May 2020, at which point he served the rest of his sentence from his New York City apartment.

In December, Cohen and O’Donnell had dinner together at a New York restaurant, she said.

“A home run. Day one done and u killed it,” O’Donnell texted Cohen on Monday after his appearance in court, to which the former Trump attorney replied, “I’m beyond tired.”

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