Nolte: Disney’s Non-Woke ‘Inside Out 2’ Opens Huge at Box Office

Inside Out 2

The Disney Grooming Syndicate’s Pixar division has a huge hit on its hands with Inside Out 2, a movie made for Normal People without any attached controversies involving homosexuality, child grooming, transvestites, transsexuals, gender-swapping, race-swapping, or anything close to woke.

As of Friday night, the sequel to the 2015 hit has already grossed $60 million and is looking at an opening weekend haul of $140-$145 million. That $60 million Friday haul is the second-best opening day for an animated movie ever, behind only the $71.2 million earned by Incredibles 2.

But-but-but I was told 2023’s strikes killed the box office.

But-but-but I was told Disney killed Pixar by releasing everything too soon on the Disney+ streaming service.

But-but-but I was told sexist internet trolls always undermine the box office of female-led movies.

But-but-but my butt. All the entertainment media do is lie.

After nearly a dozen massive flops in a row, Inside Out 2 is shaping up to be Disney’s biggest hit since 2023’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3., which was also released without any political or cultural controversy.

Funny how that works.

To cover up the fact that the woke-era collapse at the box office is due to 1) lousy movies and 2) off-putting political and cultural content, the gerbils in the entertainment industry eagerly have made fools of themselves by blaming the pandemic (still!), the strikes, and streaming. But, as I stated just before the release of last week’s box office hit Bad Boys: Ride or Die, I believe the opposite is true — that Normal People are dying to go to the movies, miss going to the movies, and, if something normal and appealing hits theaters, they will show up in droves.

As I reported earlier, “I think millions of us miss going to the movies for an old-fashioned, non-woke, non-gay-stuff good time with movie stars and all the action and laughs a Bad Boys: Ride or Die aims for. The movies used to always be like that. Boy, those were the days…”

Well, they showed up for the normal, “non-woke, non-gay-stuff good time” that is Bad Boys: Ride or Die and Inside Out 2.

Will the child mutilator advocates at the Disney Grooming Syndicate take notice? Will they grasp how lucky they are that their brand is not yet sullied to a point where people refuse to show up for anything they produce, including a movie for Normal People? The success of Inside Out 2 and the fact that Disney isn’t doomed makes me sad, but Inside Out 2’s success proves there is still time for Disney to back away from the woke/grooming abyss.

The damage this demonic corporation has done to a generation of little children demands a pitiless reckoning, so I hope Disney keeps pumping out the woke.

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