92 Percent of Women Say Doctor MUST See Abortion Patient Before Termination

92 Percent of Women Say Doctor MUST See Abortion Patient Before Termination

A new poll shows that women overwhelmingly oppose moves to allow doctors to approve abortions without seeing the patient face-to-face.

A ComRes poll for the Christian Institute shows that the public firmly oppose Government plans to alter current abortion practices, in which two doctors must approve an abortion before it can go ahead, with at least one having to meet the patient face-to-face.

This rule was reaffirmed by the previous Labour government in 1999, but is now under threat as ministers look at what the Christian Institute describes as “the greatest liberalisation of abortion law for almost 50 years”.

The poll was published following controversial draft government guidelines for private abortion clinics which state that it “is not a legal requirement” for the doctors approving an abortion to see the patient first.

76 percent of both men and women think the changes could put women’s health at risk.

Speaking to Breitbart London, Executive Director of Right to Life, Peter D Williams said: “These ComRes polls show that the majority of the British public, and especially women, hold a deep opposition to the attempt to smuggle in irresponsible alterations to UK Abortion practice.

“The Abortion Act is clear that two Registered Medical Practitioners (RMPs) must decide, in good faith, that a situation meets the conditions set within the Act before an abortion can take place.

“By requiring through regulation that neither Doctor really need see the woman… Andrew Lansley and the other architects of this change have tried to effectively rewrite the law, and potentially introduce a nurse-led abortion service.

“This is contrary to the welfare of vulnerable women and unborn children, and undemocratically violates the right of Parliament to decide legislation.”