Galloway Lies: 'I Didn't Refuse to Share a Stage With an Israeli'

Galloway Lies: 'I Didn't Refuse to Share a Stage With an Israeli'

The hard-Left British Member of Parliament George Galloway was met with a frosty reception at the London School of Economics yesterday as he was protested against by pro-Israel, pro-Palestinian, and even feminist groups on campus.

Galloway’s arrival was met by a protest by anti-rape campaigners following the MP’s comments in support of Julian Assange in 2012. Surprisingly, the MP who supported the Gaza convoy, and regularly rails against the State of Israel was also criticised by the LSE’s Palestine Society. 

But Galloway also managed to create controversy around this visit to the LSE, by lying to his student audience – in a video seen exclusively by Breitbart London – about his refusal to debate Israelis – a position that has led many to call Galloway a ‘racist’.

Last February, Galloway walked out of a debate at Oxford university after discovering his opponent was Israeli. He was both recorded as, and caught on camera saying, “I don’t debate with Israelis. I have been misled.”

Last night however he claimed: “I didn’t refuse to share a stage with an Israeli. I share stages with Israelis all the time.” Galloway said that he shared stages with Israelis “all the time”, citing the anti-Israel professor Ilan Pappe as an example. He continued, “Some of my best friends are Israeli,” eliciting both laughter and applause from the audience.

One student, Jonathan Hunter, told Breitbart London: “Galloway is renowned for denying some of his more shameful escapades, which are on the public record for anyone to see.  Given the constant offence he has caused, and that his presence on any university campus only serves to divide student communities, it is disgraceful that he was invited to the LSE in the first place”.

The incident is not the first time that Galloway has been caught lying publicly. In August last year, he was caught lying to the House of Commons after being confronted over his comments that Israel was supplying Al Qaeda with chemical weapons in Syria. He made the comments on his Iranian state-funded TV programme on Press TV. 

Eylon Aslan-Levy, the Israeli student who Galloway walked out on last year told Breitbart London: “Why has Galloway not learnt his lesson, after being caught lying to Parliament, that both his bigotry and subsequent mendacity are bound to be caught on camera?”

In a statement released yesterday, even the LSE’s Palestine Society slammed the appearance, stating: “LSESU Palestine Society does NOT support George Galloway’s lecture on campus. Between his rape and sexual assault apologia, his admiration of dictator Saddam Hussein, and his anti-Israeli comments; his presence on campus would bring more harm than good and legitimate him despite his hugely problematic stances.”

While Galloway claimed his walk-out last year was in accordance with Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) principles, the LSE’s Palestine Society shot back, “His refusal to engage with Eylon Aslan-Levy on the expressed sole basis of his Israeli nationality is NOT in accordance with the BDS movement we endorse… Galloway’s reputation for aggression against and dismissal of critics is not conducive to the kind of spaces for discussion that we presume LSE hopes to create when allowing guest speakers and lecturers on campus.”

Galloway responded on Twitter: “who are you? Who are you acting for? Whose interests are you serving ? Who are the LSE Palestine Society? Who wrote this smear?”