Councillors Deselected for Opposing 'Stalinist' Middlesbrough Mayor

Councillors Deselected for Opposing 'Stalinist' Middlesbrough Mayor

Five Labour Councillors have been deselected in Middlesbrough for opposing “Stalinist” Mayor Ray Mallon. Pervaz Khan, Sajaad Khan, Len Junier, Derek Loughborough and John McPartland have all been told they are not suitable to run in next year’s local elections.

But Breitbart London has been exclusively told that the Councillors in question have publicly opposed the actions of Ray Mallon, and been thrown out as a punishment. Our source, a well-known local politician, said: “If you are in the Labour Party you are required to be 100% loyal. Any criticism of Ray Mallon is political suicide, he is a Stalinist who does not allow dissent.”

Breitbart London also understands that the falling out began because of a dispute between Mohammed Bashir of Boro Cars and the Mayor. Mr Bashir recorded Mr Mallon’s phone calls to him, and claimed the Mayor had made sexual comments about one of own his staff. He says Mr Mallon is not “fit for high office.”

None of the deselected Councillors were available for comment except Cllr McPartland, who described his removal as “an internal Labour Party matter.”

Cllr Joan McTigue, an Independent on Middlesbrough Council, said: “All five of them brought this on themselves. They preferred to stand as Labour candidates knowing the rules – that it’s party first and people second.

“Being a Labour Cllr in Middlesbrough has become a very lucrative position. The Labour Deputy Mayor claims £25,000 a year. At a time when this council is making hundreds of staff redundant.”

She also claimed that she had previously asked the Labour Group to stop making large claims from the taxpayer, but these requests has been rejected.

Mr Mallon is officially an Independent but his entire executive is Labour.