Channel 4 Investigates Britain's Parliament's Looming Sex Scandals

Channel 4 Investigates Britain's Parliament's Looming Sex Scandals

Britain’s Channel 4 tonight presented investigative reporting into Westminster’s sexual harassment culture, following the Nigel Evans MP scandal, and more recently that of Mark Menzies MP.

While Evans was found not guilty of all the charges before him – including sexual assault and even one count of rape – the culture of sexual harassment in Westminster is often spoken of, observed, and even experienced – as Breitbart London contributor Alex Wickham told Channel 4:

“Time and time again you hear the same stories with different people. They’re all known about. They’re known about by anybody who is a researcher or staffer in parliament”.

“Stories of men and women from all three parties saying they’ve been treated inappropriately and there’s nothing they can do about it, and that there’s a real climate of sexual harassment going on in Parliament”.

Wickham has previously written about Westminster’s sex scandals for Breitbart London, where he claimed:

“MPs will have no choice but to change their behaviour sharpish or get out of politics altogether. It is now open season for these type of sex scandal stories. Mark Menzies will be the first of a few.”

Channel 4’s investigation found that a third of parliamentary staff they spoke to had personally experienced sexual harassment, while twenty-one per cent said they had witnessed someone else being sexually harassed. Only 46 percent said they had no knowledge of such behaviour.

You can watch the seven minute film below:


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