Paedophile Liberal MP Abused at Least 144 Children

Paedophile Liberal MP Abused at Least 144 Children

Police received at least 144 complaints about the ‘predatory paedophile’ Liberal Member of Parliament, Sir Cyril Smith, but failed to act. For forty years the 29-stone (400 lbs) MP was free to prey on vulnerable young boys, and was even given a knighthood in 1988.

Whilst claims against Smith are now well known, a new book serialised in the Daily Mail has revealed the full extent of his offending behaviour. It also shows that he was arrested repeatedly but authorities continually ordered his release without charge.

Sir Cyril died in 2010 aged 82. At his 80th birthday he had received a gushing tribute from the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, now Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg. He said: “You were a beacon for our party in the ’70s and ’80s and continue to be an inspiration to the people of Rochdale.” 

The tributes were ill-deserved, given allegations he preyed on children in care homes who were as young as eight. The new book has been written by one of Smith’s successors as MP for Rochdale, Labour’s Simon Danczuk. He claims that Smith partook in dubious medical ‘examinations’, undertook sexually motivated corporal punishment and was even arrested for possession of child pornography.

Despite the weight of evidence against Smith, the book claims that MI5 and Special Branch Officers put pressure on regular police to drop any prosecutions against him. 

The case is similar to that of Sir Jimmy Savile. Both men seemingly used their celebrity status to get away with a string of sex crimes. The difference in this case is that Smith’s activities were well known to police, and he was regularly arrested, though not charged, for them.

The British establishment used gagging orders and the Official Secrets Act to protect Smith. It is unknown what their motivation was for continually allowing the MP to get away with his crimes. The book entitled ‘Smile for the Camera: the Double Life of Cyril Smith’ by Simon Danczuk becomes available this week.