Swimwear Modelled Extradited Following Alleged Murder of Millionaire Brit

Swimwear Modelled Extradited Following Alleged Murder of Millionaire Brit

A swimwear model who has been accused of killing British millionaire Andrew Bush is facing extradition today, reports The Times.

Mayka Marika Kukucova fled Spain after Mr Bush was shot in the head and arm at his mansion on the Costa del Sol last month – but she is set to be extradited from Slovakia, her original home, to Spain today.

A Slovakian court confirmed that she was being flown to Vienna then on to Madrid. She gave herself up four days after the businessman’s death.

Ms Kukucovas lawyer said: “I haven’t been officially informed of the extradition. [Ms Kukucova] will be represented by one of my colleagues who is recognised as one of the best criminal lawyers in Spain.”

The Times reports: 

The model, who met Mr Bush after moving to Bristol from her village of Nova Bosaca, told the judge when she appeared in court in Slovakia that she did not know that Mr Bush had died until after she left Spain.

She turned herself in to Slovakian police on April 8 after returning to her family apparently by car in the company of a boyfriend.

Unconfirmed reports said that she had suffered bruising.

Mr Bush’s new girlfriend, Maria Korotaeva, a Russian, said that Ms Kukucova confronted them when they arrived at his villa to celebrate their “five-month anniversary”.

She had stayed outside while the former lovers fought; she heard gunshots and saw Ms Kukucova flee in Mr Bush’s four-wheel-drive vehicle.

Mr Bush was found lying inside his five-bedroom home near Estepona in a pool of blood. The murder weapon, a 0.38 Italian-made special revolver, was recovered near his body.

His former wife, Samantha Mason, a former BBC radio presenter, has been angered by the length of time it has taken to extradite Ms Kukucova.

“It is a joke. Why does it take so long to extradite someone?” she wrote last week on Twitter.