UK Council Which Flew Flag for Pro-Hamas Group Received 'In Excess of 300 Complaints'

UK Council Which Flew Flag for Pro-Hamas Group Received 'In Excess of 300 Complaints'

Preston City Council, which took the contentious decision to fly a Palestinian flag in ‘solidarity’ with Gaza, received “in excess of 300 complaints” over the issue, according to a Freedom of Information request seen by Breitbart London.

As we exclusively revealed this weekend, the council was responding to demands by a group called the ‘Children of the Ghetto’, whose Chairman has gone on record in his support for the terrorist group Hamas. When asked about the connection between the Council at the Children of the Ghetto group, the Council responded: “The Council holds no information regarding the Children of the Ghetto.”

And yet the council published information about the group and undertook work with the organisation just five days ago. The link on its website is still active.

The council said of the flag flying ceremony, which also raised £1500 for the pro-Hamas group: “The Council responded to a request from members of the community in Preston. The decision does not infer the Council’s support for Hamas.”

When asked who was responsible for the ceremony, Breitbart London was told: “Councillor Robert Boswell. The flag was raised due to the humanitarian tragedy which is taking place in Gaza. It was a response to a petition by Preston citizens.”

But the council’s website states that “Palestinian campaign group ‘Children of the Ghetto'” were responsible, which may be comprised of “Preston citizens”, but it is clear that the group is not some independent group of residents as the Freedom of Information request attempts to portray it.

Preston Council admitted: “The Council has received complaints by telephone and email to a number of contacts. At this stage we estimate in excess of 300 complaints or comments have been received excluding comments on social media.”


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