London Mayor Slated for Claiming UK Should Copy Flawed U.S. Immigration System

London Mayor Slated for Claiming UK Should Copy Flawed U.S. Immigration System

London Mayor Boris Johnson has suggested a contentious solution to the UK’s immigration problems: copy the system operating in the United States of America. 

He made the suggestion in the face of major problems in Calais that have seen thousands of illegal immigrants amassing at the ferry port waiting to illegally cross to the UK.

The Mayor of London said: “London requires a rigorous American-style system that discriminates on talent”. However Boris may have missed that the US immigration system is not exactly the finest example of government planning.

A leaked report exposed by Breitbart Texas last month stated that the reason so many unaccompanied children are streaming across the border from Mexico is because their families believe they will be allowed to stay. This suggests that US government policy is to blame for an unfolding humanitarian crisis in the state.

The report said: “In late May, the U.S. Border Patrol interviewed unaccompanied children (UAC) and migrant families apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley. Of the 230 total migrants interviewed, 219 cited the primary reason for migrating to the United States was the perception of U.S. immigration laws granting free passes or permisos to UAC and adult female OTMs traveling with minors.”

There are now a total of 57,000 unaccompanied children in Texas, and the numbers appear to be growing. The state also has a major problem with illegal workers, not dissimilar to the problems the UK is having with Africans in Calais.

Dr Richard North from the website was unimpressed with Boris’s position. He said: “the buffoon which is Boris Johnson chooses to cite US immigration policy as an example for the United Kingdom to follow. And if anyone else came up with such a facile suggestion, they would laughed out of court. But the hacks duly inscribe his flatulence, and park it on their websites.

“One wonders therefore, which is the greater laughing stock: Johnson, the newspapers who report him, or the readers who take his garbage seriously.”

The UK is still debating what to do about the large number of Eastern European immigrants heading to London in particular. David Cameron has committed to reducing net migration but under rules from Brussels the British government has a duty to let in any EU national who wants to come.

As reported on Breitbart London, a report estimates over half a million EU migrants are expected to flock to the UK in the next five years, which is more than the population of the City of Manchester.

Mr Johnson is an American citizen, which entitles him to seek political office in the USA. His views on immigration may be yet another reason why this is unlikely to work.


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