ISIS Flag Flown at Tunisia Soccer Match

ISIS Flag Flown at Tunisia Soccer Match

A picture of a football crowd in Tunisia holding aloft a massive ISIS flag has emerged on Twitter. The picture was posted this afternoon by Ahmad Mousavi, a journalist in Tehran with the caption: “Flag #IS in Football game in Tunisia”. Other Twitter uses have also shared it.

The provenance of the picture is unclear, although other sources on the Internet confirm that it was indeed taken at a Tunisian League football game, possibly some time last year. The image as it appeared on Twitter has been cropped slightly; other sources show a slightly extended image in which words in Arabic script can clearly be seen superimposed. Breitbart London understands that they read “The Caliphate to come, God willing”.   

According to, which referred to the flag as the “Daash flag”, the image has also been doing the rounds on Facebook.

Islam is the official religion of Tunisia, with 98 percent of citizens practicing the religion. Most are Sunni Muslims. Tunisia was the scene of the first uprisings in the Arab Spring, with former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fleeing the capital in January 2011. However, the country has faced unrest since then with the opposition leader Mohamed Brahmi assassinated last year, and extremists, both religious and non-religious, contributing to instability in the country.

The country lies on the lies on the northern coastline of Africa, and is separated by Italy by the Strait of Sicily, a 96 mile stretch of water between the Island and the African mainland. There is a proposal to build a mega-tunnel linking the two countries under the sea bed, but no work has started on the project.  


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