Ukrainian Protesters Kept Away As Thousands Of Police Descend On Wales For NATO

Ukrainian Protesters Kept Away As Thousands Of Police Descend On Wales For NATO

NEWPORT, United Kingdom – Anti-Russian protesters were kept well away from the NATO summit amidst unprecedented security in Newport and Cardiff in Wales. British-Ukrainians complained they were deliberately stopped by “very polite” Police who “deliberately delayed” them attending an authorised protest.

One protester, Olga Midgley who is the Ukrainian born wife of a British national told Breitbart London: “The Police were very polite but they deliberately delayed us and wasted our time, this made us late for the protest.

“They searched our car and checked all of our IDs even though my husband is British. They smiled throughout but we were sure they didn’t want us to get on with our protest.”

The group was one of many parties of Ukrainians hoping to get a glimpse of one of the sixty heads of government at the NATO conference. They said they knew going to NATO would have only limited impact but it was “better than sitting at home crying” because it would “at least help a tiny bit”.

Gwent Police claim they have put together one of the biggest security operations in British history, with officers being drafted in from as far away as Scotland, hundreds of miles away. The total number of police is believed to be around 10,000.

Despite the heavy security the protesters were undeterred and still planned to take their placards around Newport town. One activist complained that Ukrainian soldiers were badly equipped and that family members were having to buy basic kit like boots, helmets and bullet-proof vests.

She said: “My brother is in the army and they have nothing, we need NATO leaders to send equipment. How are they supposed to defend our country when they haven’t even got bullets or boots?”

The group were heartened to hear that 200 members of the US military were now being dispatched to Ukraine to train local forces. President Obama made the announcement to placate NATO leaders who are concerned the country is being forgotten by its allies.

The conference itself is split between two venues, speeches are being made at the Celtic Manor near Newport and the main dinner is at Cardiff Castle. Both venues have 20ft high steel fences surrounding them are all of the nearby roads are closed to traffic.

Police have taken over two enormous halls of residence used by students at the University of Cardiff. Rail networks were also being heavily guarded by British Transport Police, and rail staff were warning passengers to be especially vigilant for suspicious packages.

In addition to police officers the military were deployed with tanks at the Celtic Manor and HMS Duncan in Cardiff Bay. Duncan is the world’s most sophisticated anti-aircraft vessel, and was deployed to protect against an enemy airstrike, albeit highly unlikely.


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