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Left Attempt To Ban Sexy Debt Reduction Poster

Left Attempt To Ban Sexy Debt Reduction Poster

A senior Conservative has accused the left of trying to ban a raunchy poster demanding cuts in taxes and government debt. The poster, issued by the Young Britons’ Foundation (YBF), was put on Facebook by one of their directors, only for him to be informed by the site’s administrators that it has solicited a complaint.

YBF was unapologetic on the social media site, he put the poster up for a second time even though the first one was not deleted by Facebook administrators.

YBF is a youth training movement allied to the Young America’s Foundation that owns the Reagan Ranch. It was founded 10 years ago to train conservatively minded young people who want to go into public service. It runs regular training events and once a year meets at Cambridge University for a weekend. Margaret Thatcher was known to be a supporter of the group.

Its marketing campaigns often raise eye-brows but they have brought in thousands of young people, most of whom have later gone on to senior positions in the government, police and the military.

The poster features a couple in bed with the phrase “Harder, Faster, Deeper”. Further down, it explains this is a reference to cutting spending, debt and taxes. The poster is one of a series that also include shirtless men and attractive women.

A source at YBF told Breitbart London: “We created the range in order to galvanise young conservatives and offend the sensitivities of the politically correct left, we appear to have succeeded on both counts.


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