Right-Wingers Head To NATO To Protest 'Treasonous' Pro-EU Leaders

Right-Wingers Head To NATO To Protest 'Treasonous' Pro-EU Leaders

NEWPORT, United Kingdom – The NATO summit in Wales may have played host to a ragtag of left-wing groups but not everyone protesting Cameron and Obama were angry socialists. A small group of right-wingers turned up demanding an end to Britain’s involvement in undemocratic international bodies like the EU.

Tom Abercromby, who had travelled from the city of Bath said: “We’ve come out because we are sick of the way all these international institutions like the UN, NATO and IMF ride roughshod over the democratic wishes of the countries they are meant to represent. The EU are the worst of them all, they’re scumbags.

“If there is one person I came here to protest against most it’s Obama. He is treasonous, he swore to uphold the American constitution but he completely ignores it. He won’t even show his birth certificate to prove he’s an American citizen.”

Another protester Morrison Stone, who was holding a CND poster, said: “I really wanted to come and ridicule the weirdo communists that have come here. That’s why we took their banners. I suppose I do agree we shouldn’t intervene in Ukraine but I’m neither left nor right these labels are just a waste of time.”

Both protesters wore controversial t-shirts. Abercromby wore a t-shirt claiming that international bodies like the EU represented a new, undemocratic world order. Stone had a t-shirt claiming Obama was a fascist because he did not respect American democratic traditions.

They were outnumbered at the protest by socialists, many of whom were openly taking drugs. In contrast to the friendly behaviour of Abercromby, Stone and their friends, the left-wing activists shouted abuse at the passing motorcades. One police officer said: “It’s not really for me to comment but everyone important came by helicopter.

“These protesters are shouting at the minibuses full of nobodies, anyone with any intelligence would know they don’t have the top brass inside. I invite you therefore to consider how clever these people are!”


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