Rupert Murdoch 'Close to Declaring Support for Yes Vote in Scotland'

Rupert Murdoch 'Close to Declaring Support for Yes Vote in Scotland'

Rupert Murdoch’s Scottish Sun newspaper could be on the brink of declaring its support for a ‘Yes’ vote in the Scottish independence referendum, a move that would be a major boost for First Minister Alex Salmond as polls become increasingly close.

The Independent reports that the move is now widely expected within the newsroom of the Glasgow-based paper, with Andrew Neil, a former editor of Murdoch’s Sunday Times, claiming: “He’s very close to putting the Sun behind Salmond and Yes”.

The media baron has recently been tweeting favourably about a ‘Yes’ vote and First Minister Salmond. Before the Sunday Times reported the shock poll putting the pro-independence side one point ahead, he tweeted:

He is also well-known for his growing dislike of Britain’s liberal political establishment, and confirmed this by tweeting:

Last week, Breitbart London reported the media mogul met with UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who is seen the leading anti-establishment politician in Britain, signalling that he is growing tired with all the main parties in Britain.

As the polls grow increasingly close, the Scottish Sun, which is the biggest tabloid newspaper in Scotland, could potentially swing the vote. It is read by some five percent of the population and is highly popular with poorer voters in the west of country who traditionally vote Labour.

Michael Williams, a former executive on the Sunday Times who now lectures in journalism, told the Independent: “Once again the spectre of Rupert Murdoch hovers over us – he will be loving it.”

Williams said that Murdoch has always had “this sense that he was not just a bean-counting media mogul but a journalist-proprietor and people should listen to his views”.



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