EXCLUSIVE: Salmond Appears At 'Yes' Rally With Alleged Polish Fraudster

EXCLUSIVE: Salmond Appears At 'Yes' Rally With Alleged Polish Fraudster

EDINBURGH, United Kingdom – Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has attended a pro-independence rally alongside a Polish businessman who has been accused of defrauding his staff and then skipping his home country, Breitbart London can exclusively report. 

Pawel Bladocha is also believed to have pleaded not guilty yesterday to an offence under section 143 of the Road Traffic Act which relates to driving without insurance.

Bladocha was pictured on the front page of yesterday’s Scotsman newspaper next to the First Minister, but sources in Poland have questioned his suitability to be there.

In 2008 Mr Bladocha lost a court case against a former employee at his private nursery called “Land of Joy” in Wroclaw. The staff accused him of failing to pay their wages, insurance and other associated costs. When the money finally ran out he blamed the headteacher Agnieszki Trybulskiej and fired her, according to Miedziowe Radio. Mrs Trybulskiej successfully sued and proved he was to blame for the problems.

At the time Bladocha was unapologetic for his actions, saying: “Mrs. Trybulska is a wanker, who only ever acts in her own self-interest.” But Trybulska said she had felt obliged to take legal action because she would not allow Bladocha to slander her good name with allegations of embezzlement.

Staff were repeatedly told a mystery investor would pay their wages, but this never materialised. Desperate, they attempted to recover their wages but were unable to do so because Mr Bladocha did not even own the equipment in the nursery. This enabled him to get away without paying the staff.

Bladocha left Poland to begin a new life, but is reported to have complained to friends that he is now being investigated for benefit fraud in Britain. There has been no suggestion that he is guilty of any wrongdoing in Scotland. 

A source in the 600,000+ Scottish-Polish community told Breitbart London: “It’s very unclear what he does for a living but we suspect he is hoping to get a well-paid government job from the SNP. The man can barely speak English, and he left Poland because of these serious allegations of impropriety.

“This is not the sort of person Alex Salmond should be parading around as a poster boy for an independent Scotland. He makes a mockery of Poland and should have no place in the upper echelons of Scottish politics.”

On the Scotsman’s front page, Mr Bladocha was pictured standing to the left of Alex Salmond. The photo was taken at an event for European nationals who are supporting independence. Mr Bladocha is understood to be heavily involved in Poles for An Independent Scotland – an arm of the ‘Yes’ campaign.

Neither YesScotland nor the Scottish National Party responded to Breitbart London’s calls.


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