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We May Hate Brown But He Did Save The Union And The Pound #IndyRef #EU

We May Hate Brown But He Did Save The Union And The Pound #IndyRef #EU

If you were to ask most British people to name the worst Prime Minister ever Gordon Brown’s name would probably crop up. The man disparaging nicknamed “McRuin” brought the country to its knees with his disastrous running of the economy and his sheer awkwardness creeped most people out.

Despite his obvious flaws we awoke today to an unsettling truth: that this dower misery – who was even accused of having gone mad in office – probably just saved the United Kingdom. He stepped into the Better Together campaign in Scotland after it had thrown away a 20-point lead and was looking like it might lose.

In a departure from usual form Brown made an impassioned speech, which was reported on by Breitbart London. The speech has to go down as one of the defining moments of the no campaign. It certainly stopped the haemorrhaging of support for the Yes campaign, and sured up a lot of waiverers.

More unsettling still is that this is not the first time McRuin has saved the country from a disaster. After Labour’s landslide in 1997 he was the man who stopped Tony Blair from implementing the Euro.

Blair was a slavish pro-European who would have done almost anything to join the Eurozone club, probably in order to lead it at a later date. Brown was far less keen on the single currency, in his book ‘Beyond The Crash’ he said: “When I first expressed my doubts about Britain’s entry, I stood virtually alone in the Cabinet. Indeed, I was ready to resign as Chancellor if I was unable to persuade my colleagues of the grave risks of taking us immediately into euro membership.” 

It was later rumoured that Blair had offered to step aside as Prime Minister in favour of Brown if he relented in his opposition, an offer that was also rebuffed. 

Of course stopping your own party from ruining the country more than you have is hardly something to be proud of. But if Brown is the reason we do not have the Euro and we are still in union with Scotland, then we have to offer the man some grudging thanks. In fact it might have been worth suffering all the bad things he did just to avoid the Euro on its own!

Very few things are worse than Blair, Brown and Darling but one of those things is a UK carved up and subsumed into a federal European state. It would appear that – despite our dislike of Brown – he may have saved us from this fate.

I just wonder how low my standards have slipped when I am starting to think of Gordon Brown as a saviour. The truth is in modern Britain a left-wing politician who can stop other left-wing politicians from completely destroying the country is a bit of a hero. How very very depressing…

…by the way the bigoted woman thing is still funny, here it is again:


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