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EXCLUSIVE: Internal Tory Poll Shows Slump to 22 Percent in Clacton

EXCLUSIVE: Internal Tory Poll Shows Slump to 22 Percent in Clacton

A new, internal Conservative Party poll is rumoured to show the Tory candidate on just 22 percent in the crucial by-election constituency of Clacton, following the defection of the now UKIP member Douglas Carswell.

Carswell defected in the last days of August, resigning his seat and triggering a by-election to allow the people of Clacton to decide whether they wanted him back as a UKIP Member of Parliament, or whether they wanted the next Conservative candidate in line to take his place.

A poll form early September showed UKIP on 64 percent, with the Tories on just 20 percent. But subsequent polls have been slightly more encouraging for the Tories, with one showing the party on 24 points. 

However, Conservative Party insiders have told Breitbart London that another recent poll shows the Conservative candidate Giles Watling on the decline again, leaving the party of 22 percent. 

Breitbart London asked the Conservative Party’s press office to release the poll or make a statement on the matter, to which the response was: “No Comment”.

UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe told Breitbart London: “Camerons birthday on the 9th October makes him, like me a Libran. Unfortunately, he will not be able to celebrate fortune from his star signs balancing scales, as recent polling is weighing heavily in favour of Carswell becoming a UKIP MP.” Perhaps he wished he was a Sagittariun so he could sting UKIP into submission.

The poll is likely to show UKIP in the lead by around 35-40 points, showing no signs of improvement for David Cameron’s party – the party will now be in damage limitation mode for the vote on October 9th, which also happens to be the Conservative Prime Minister’s birthday.


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