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WATCH: Man Knocked Out In Kebab Shop For Saying 'F**k Allah'

WATCH: Man Knocked Out In Kebab Shop For Saying 'F**k Allah'

A British man has been punched and knocked unconscious after saying “f*ck Allah” in a kebab shop. The man was filmed by his attacker and the video was later posted on the video sharing site YouTube.

In the video an overweight man, who appears to have been drinking, is seen to be arguing with another man who is off camera. He points at the man and says “f*** Allah”, and is punched in response. The punch was so forceful that he is knocked out, and falls on the floor.

Whilst the man is on the floor his attacker continues to shout at him, saying: “Have that you f****** c***.” He then continues to shout “say it again, say it again”, although the man is clearly in no position to answer.

It is clear from the video that staff at the takeaway are unhappy that the man has been attacked on their premises but the attacker justifies his actions by saying it was “his own fault” and he has the whole incident “on video”. The group encourage the staff to call the police, implying they believe the religious insult was legal justification for the attack.

Whilst drunkenly insulting people is clearly discourteous, the attack was also grossly disproportionate. It raises concerns that young Muslims believe they have a right, even a duty, to use violence against those who are perceived to show a lack of deference towards their religion.

Frame by frame analysis by Breitbart London suggests that the attacker is a white man, with red hair and a beard. This suggests he might be a convert to Islam, and backs up the tonge-in-cheek theory that people with red hair are attracted to radical Islam.

The incident is part of a growing trend towards violence and radicalism amongst young British Muslims, 500 of whom have travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS. Like the men in this video the fighters believe violence is morally justified against those they disagree with them.


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