Farage: 'We Pose A Threat To The Entire Political Class, And I'll Drink To That'

Farage: 'We Pose A Threat To The Entire Political Class, And I'll Drink To That'

DONCASTER, United Kingdom – Nigel Farage has “parked his tanks on Labour’s lawn” in a speech that threatened the “entire political class”. The Ukip leader took to his feet on the second day of the party’s annual conference in Doncaster.

Farage talked about how the conference would be a “broadening of our policy base” delivered through Ukip’s “excellent new spokesmen and spokeswomen”. He talked about how the country already knew that that “we love Europe, but hate the EU” and how the party want to “control and quality and quantity of immigrants coming to the country”.

But he also talked about his views on foreign policy, which he described as “a total and utter joke”. He claimed that David Cameron’s attempt to support the Syrian opposition meant that “we were talking about arming the very people we might be bombing on Saturday”. He also claimed that the country had failed to “deal with the home front” of radicalisation in school and hospitals.

On the referendum he said the promises made to Scottish voters “were not legitimate and not done in my name”. He went on to cite tuition fees as an example of broken promises to England. He said “we believe that English MPs only should vote on English laws.”

Farage said that fighting both the Conservatives and Labour was vital because Northern England had become a “one party state”. He also suggested that the lack of opposition in towns like Doncaster had led to the widespread problem of child abuse. He claimed that Labour had produced a failed multi-cultural model and were now “more afraid of being branded racist than they were of dealing with this evil”.

He claimed that both parties were guilty of “arrogance and complacency” , he also invited the audience to give a “big round applause to Nick Clegg” whom he publicly thanked for inviting him to the two European debates in March.

Farage said: “This party is not about left or right, it’s about right and wrong”. He finished off by saying: “The message is clear, if you vote UKIP you will get UKIP”.


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