Police At Risk Of Public Beheading On British Streets

Police At Risk Of Public Beheading On British Streets

Police have been warned that Islamic terrorists may be planning to behead a serving officer, in a similar killing to that of Drummer Lee Rigby last year. Rigby was victim of a horrific attacked outside Woolwich Barracks when he was out of military uniform and unarmed.

Police officers are already prohibited from wearing elements of their uniform, like their plain black trousers, when they are not on duty to make them harder to identify. However, in the case of Rigby the murderers Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale identified the solider by watching who left his barracks. The number of police stations across the country make off duty Police vulnerable to similar attacks.

According to the Daily Mail Police personnel have now been told that there is now a “heightened risk” to their “personal safety”. The intelligence is thought to have been gained from ‘chatter’, the intercepted communications between terrorists. Chatter can contain deliberately misleading information but it is taken seriously nonetheless.

For some time now the security services have been worried about low tech attacks on the streets of London. These sorts of attacks are easy to organise, requires no specialist equipment and can be very hard to detect. They also empower extremists who do not have access to terrorist training to commit atrocities.

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, from the Association of Chief Police Officers, said: “We are informing our officers and staff of the heightened risk and reminding them to remain vigilant and alert to any possible dangers.”

He added:  “All police forces constantly review their security and safety procedures and this will, of course, continue. You will see no major changes in the way we continue to police the UK and engage with our communities – our emphasis is on vigilance.”

News of the threat comes just days after Breitbart London reported five men were arrested in London amidst claims they may have been plotting a knife attack. First four men where arrested, during which one was tasered, another man was taken into custody later.


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