British Banker Appears in Hong Kong Court Accused of Killing Prostitutes

British Banker Appears in Hong Kong Court Accused of Killing Prostitutes

A Cambridge-educated banker has appeared in court today, accused of murdering two prostitutes in his luxury Hong Kong flat.

Rurik Jutting, 29, who has been described by a colleague as one who “talked very loud and made loads of money”, earned a six figure salary and superficially appeared to be enjoying life, updating his Facebook the day before the grizzly discovery to say “Money DOES buy happiness”, reports the Daily Mail.

Despite his outwardly glamorous lifestyle, it now appears Jutting had become deeply saddened by a split from his cheating on-off fiancé and lived the life of a misanthrope. A doorman at his flats said: “He always seemed so sad – he never said hello to any of us or smiled”.

Only hours before calling Hong Kong police to confess to the murder of a prostitute in that flat, he updated his Facebook to say “Is 29 the perfect age? I feel more secure, I’m a better friend and I know my limitations. No wonder 29-year-olds are the most popular age group”.

Police were confronted with blood-splattered walls and the body of a young woman with knife wounds in her neck and back. Police searching the flat discovered, some hours later, the body of a second woman wrapped in a carpet and stuffed inside a suitcase that had been left on the balcony. Police reported the second prostitute had been killed some weeks earlier and was near decapitated in the attack.

At the court hearing this morning Jutting spoke to confirm his name and to say he understood the charges against him. His lawyer, British educated Martyn Richmond complained that Hong Kong police had not allowed Jutting to contact the British consulate and a solicitor of his choice, and requested he be moved from police custody to jail.

Jutting has so far been interviewed “six or seven times at length” by police, with whom his lawyer says he has been cooperating fully.

The first victim, 25 year-old Indonesian Sumarti Ningsih was in Hong Kong on a tourist visa but had previously been arrested by local police for breaching its conditions, indicating she may have been caught working illegally. What kind of work she was doing before she came to Jutting, who stuffed her remains in a suitcase after presumably meeting her as a sex worker, is unknown.

Less is known about fellow Indonesian and second victim Eni Lestari, who is described as being around 30 years old, other than her work in Hong Kong’s cars and clubs.

Jutting was remanded in custody until 10 of November.