Australian Jihadis 'Too Fat For ISIS'

Australian Jihadis 'Too Fat For ISIS'

Two Australian jihadis are reported to have been told they were too fat to join the ranks of ISIS terrorists. The 22-stone brothers are said to have gone to Syria whilst claiming to their parents they were heading for a holiday in Thailand.

They travelled from Western Sydney with two less rotund friends, according to the Australian Muslim leader Dr Jamal Rifi. The brothers are believed to have appeared in a video in which they literally attempt to jump through hoops to improve their fitness.

Dr Rifi described the pair as “obese” and “unfit”. He told the Metro: “They’re definitely not fit to fight, they don’t have any knowledge of how to fight”. He said they were too “unfit to run in a field”.

“They didn’t show any signs of radicalisation. They were good boys, which is why their mother is so shocked.”

Despite the amusing problem faced by the brothers, they do form part of a growing group of Westerners committed to the violent struggle. A number of European Union nationals are believed to have appeared in the video of the murder of Peter Kessig, which appeared over the weekend.

The group were led by ‘Jihad John’ who never appears without covering his face, but his accent has led most observers to conclude he is from London.