Dossier Naming 13 Former Ministers As Paedophiles Handed To Police

House of Commons

Thirteen former ministers have been implicated in historic child sex offences through a dossier handed to the Metropolitan Police by a Labour MP. John Mann told the Sunday Times he had handed over a total of twenty-two names including three current MPs and three members of the House of Lords.

He claims to have compiled the dossier from hundreds of pieces of information sent to him from members of the public. It includes allegations two current MPs attended “abuse parties” at the Dolphin Square luxury apartments, located a short walk from the Houses of Parliament.

Police have already confirmed they are investigating the alleged murder of three boys, these investigations include claims a Conservative MP strangled a 12-year-old in Dolphin Square. A former British diplomat who died in 1992, Sir Peter Hayman, owned a property in the development and is thought to have been a leading figure in at least one paedophile ring.

John Mann MP said the allegations against the twenty-two men were “credible”. They are likely to be taken seriously given the number of victims who have now come forward offering similar stories of the abuse parties. Although none of the politicians are being publicly named, Breitbart London understands victims with no obvious connections to each other are all suggesting the same names.

John Mann said: “All those 22 names are worthy of investigation by the police. The evidence against half of them is very compelling. Some of them could definitely be prosecuted and I believe several of them were definitely child abusers,” he said.
“I have been given many other names although at present I do not believe the evidence is sufficiently strong to pass them on the police.”

Mann’s dossier includes the names of fourteen Conservative politicians, five Labour MPs and three from other parties. He claimed to have spent several hours going through the dossier with Police.

Part of Mann’s work has also focused on why Police refused to investigate these allegations in the past. He said: “Some of these victims have been ignored for years by the police and the Met really needs to step up to the mark now and do a proper job.”

Police are already being helped by a victim known only as “Nick”. His claims have been described by Police as “credible and true”. They have also appealed for witnesses to the three murders, pledging to take victims claims seriously this time.

“Nick” has told police he was sexually abused from 1975 to 1984 at Dolphin Square, the offences against him began when he was just 7-years-old. He has already named a series of diplomats, military officers and politicians amongst those who abused him.


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