Palace Denies Documentary on Royal Family ‘Spiked’ by Lawyers


A documentary on the British Royal Family has been “spiked” according to senior schedulers.

The programme, called “Reinventing The Royals” was pulled from the state broadcaster’s schedule at the last minute, allegedly over pressure from Buckingham Palace, Variety Magazine reports.

The magazine allege that lawyers representing members of the Windsor’s intervened at the last minute, resulting in nervous BBC Execs shelving the footage.

It says that Head of News James Harding made the controversial decision to pull the broadcast.

The BBC Press Office released a statement saying:

‘The BBC is delaying broadcast of the documentary Reinventing The Royals, due to be shown on BBC Two on January 4, until later in the New Year while a number of issues including the use of archive footage are resolved.’

The documentary, presented by Steve Hewlett, follows the path of the UK monarchy and its strategy as it tries to win back support of the British public following the death of Princess Diana.

The handling of the Royal Family’s response to the death of The Princess of Wales was the subject of Hollywood Blockbuster ‘The Queen’ starring Helen Mirren as Elizabeth II.

Following Diana’s death in a car crash in Paris in 1997, Mr Blair tries to convince the Queen to publicly acknowledge the loss of the royal in the film.

After receiving his OBE from Her Majesty actor Michael Sheen, who played Tony Blair in the big screen production, said that he had been told by sources that both The Queen and Tony Blair had made a pact not to watch it.

In a statement to Breitbart London a spokesman for The Royal Household distanced themselves from the speculation, simply saying that “The scheduling is a matter for the broadcaster (BBC).”


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