Welcome to South Yorkshire, child rape capital of Britain


Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper has helpfully revealed with an FOI request that South Yorkshire is the child rape capital of Britain.

South Yorkshire’s local police authority saw a 577 per cent rise in reported child sexual exploitation cases between 2011 and 2014. Since its beat includes Rotherham – where at least 1400 girls were groomed and raped by Muslim gangs – perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised by this.

What should surprise us even less is the use – or rather misuse – that Cooper and her fellow travellers on the left are making of this information.

For Labour’s Cooper, it’s an excuse to have a go at the Tories for cutting police numbers.

For Alan Wardle, head of policy and public affairs at the children’s charity NSPCC, it’s an excuse to big up Operation Yewtree – aka the police’s ongoing, post-Jimmy-Savile war against clapped out Seventies celebrities who may or may not have been paedophiles.

“Since the Operation Yewtree police investigation was launched in 2012, the NSPCC helpline has seen a huge rise in the number of victims willing to speak out, get support and help bring abusers to justice.”

Do you find the disingenuousness of both positions as nauseatingly dishonest as I do?

Rotherham, we know, was so much a creation of entrenched Labour party rotten borough politics that it might just as well have been stamped with a red rose. As a senior Labour party member, Cooper should be apologising abjectly for it and explaining what Labour plans to do about ensuring such things never happen again – not wagging the finger of blame at the Tories.

But far worse in my view is the response of the NSPCC man.

The reason for the epidemic of recent child rape crimes in Britain is not because a bunch of dirty old perves who used to present It’s A Knockout or who used to be big in hospital radio are still actively engaged in kiddy fiddling. It’s because of a massive, entrenched cultural problem whereby, for three decades, gangs of Mirpuri Pakistanis in Muslim ghettos around Britain have been permitted with virtual impunity to groom, drug and rape vulnerable, mostly underage white girls.

And the reason they’ve been getting away with it is because almost all the authorities which should have prevented it happening – from the local police to the council children’s services to the various children’s charities – preferred, for reasons of political correctness, to bury their heads in the sand.

The NSPCC spokesman’s response is entirely characteristic of this. By drawing attention to Operation Yewtree (ie crimes committed many years ago by now elderly, white celebrities) he is tacitly distracting from the politically unpalatable fact that in per capita terms by far the most child-rape offences are committed by middle-aged Muslim men.

As the Office of National Statistics tells us, 78 per cent of the annual increase in reported sexual offences refers to incidents that happened in the last twelve months. Recent cases in other words, not historic ones.

I’m sick of Operation Yewtree – not that I’m excusing what some of the more egregious convicted perpetrators may have done, but because it seems to me that it has become a massive waste of police and Crown Prosecution Service time which would be far more usefully devoted to problems that are happening NOW rather than ones which may or may not have happened forty years ago.

I wonder if Alan Wardle is a Common Purpose graduate.


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